To Make Christlike Disciples in
General Mariano Alvarez and Beyond

To be a Holy Spirit-led Church intentionally disciplining the lost, the least, and the last, to be transformed by God to love, to live, and to lead like Jesus Christ.

Ministries we are focusing on

Transformational Life Group
Lingap Bata Ministry

Our Core Values

A Christian People

A Holiness People

A Missional People

As members of the Church Universal, we affirm Jesus Christ's Lordship and adhere to the Trinitarian creeds. Rooted in our Wesleyan-Holiness heritage, we prioritize Scripture and believe in God's love offering forgiveness and reconciliation to all. United in Christ, we strive to emulate his character, emphasizing unity, forgiveness, and reconciliation within the Church as Christ's Body.

Believers are called to a life of holiness by God, facilitated by the Holy Spirit's sanctifying work, cleansing from sin, and renewal in God's image. This process, termed "entire sanctification" or "baptism with the Holy Spirit," empowers believers to love God and others, shaping them into Christlike character. Through wholehearted worship and love for God, believers trust in the ongoing transformation by the Holy Spirit towards moral purity, compassion, and justice, reflecting the holiness to which God calls them.

As a sent people, we respond to Christ's call and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to spread the message of Christ's Lordship worldwide, building the Church and extending God's kingdom. Our mission encompasses worship, evangelism, compassion, discipleship for Christian maturity, and Christian higher education to prepare individuals for service.

Youth JAM Night

It’s a joy to see all young souls gathered together and spreads joy through music and fellowship. A huge thank you to Ptr. Rhobin Asor for illuminating the wisdom of 1 Timothy 4:12. Your guidance empowers us to lead with faith, love, and integrity. After an electrifying Youth Jam, hearts are full, memories made, and spirits lifted. Until the next youth jam, let’s carry the joy in our hearts and let faith guide our steps!

Program & Activities

Your contribution plays a pivotal role in supporting various ministries within the church.